A book for the absolute beginner,
recommended by industry veterans!

Easy to read and well laid out, there is literally something to learn on every page of this all inclusive book. Written in the same easy to follow conversational tone that McManus used in lectures for 40 successful years. Terry McManus walks you through the facts, figures and stories that you need to know in order to have a successful career in the music industry.


“I wish there had been a music business 101 course I could have taken."

Kurt Cobain

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Terry McManus was the Music Business Professor in Fanshawe College’s renowned Music Industry Arts Program for over 35 years and, most recently, he was inducted into the Fanshawe College Alumni Hall of Fame. He currently teaches Entertainment Contracts online at Algonquin College. He has a long and distinguished career as a Songwriter, Recording Artist and Artist’s Manager. In the mid 80’s he led a group of songwriters to form the Songwriter’s Association of Canada and his idea for registering a song in Canada is known today as the Song Vault. His students successfully populate the creative, business and technical areas of the music industry. His 1997 Billboard Editorial “The Single Is the Key to The Record Buy Habit” has been called prescient on the downloading issue and The New York Times referenced his words in their own piece on the subject.  Currently, McManus acts as the Manager for the Dark Wave Rock Band The Birthday Massacre who have over 150,000 worldwide followers on Spotify.

A note from the author.

I taught in the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College for almost 40 years and when it was started in 1975, there were only two others like it in the world. Now, there are hundreds of programs around the world with some very excellent ones right here in Canada. Even the universities have recognized that there is a very lucrative business out there providing music to the world, and they are now granting degrees in music industry programs. That should give the students and their parents some reassurance that a career can be had in this business. So yes, there are jobs. But it isn’t a cakewalk. As in any other career, you must study and work hard. This is the book that is going to help you to understand the music business. It won't make you a star but it will help you to choose a path to artistic and commercial success. Over 200 pages  of information, ideas and insights that will start you on the road to your career! I love to teach and I hope you love to learn!