This is the most comprehensive book on the Canadian Music Industry that you will find! Every page is another lesson in how to succeed and what to do to move your career forward. And it is not only for Artists but for every person who wants to work in the industry.

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Do I have to read the book from front to back?

No! The book is written so that you can jump in anywhere and learn something. However, I recommend that you read the first chapters, up to and including copyright, as an introduction to the book and to the business. I have a lot of general information at the beginning and I think that it helps to set the stage for you to learn. Then you can continue in order or, move around.


Can I use the contracts in the back of the book?

Yes you can, but as you will read in the Contracts and Lawyers section, in any contract situation that would affect your long term ability to take opportunities, you need to consult with an Entertainment Lawyer. You will find them to be very understanding of a new artist / songwriter / manager's place in the industry and many of them adjust their fees accordingly.


My friend in the band wants a copy of the pdf, can I give it to him?

If your friend is not committed enough to his or her  career to spend $24.95 for this pdf..... I would start looking for a replacement! This text has previously cost as much as $100.00 for a hardcover copy. Even though I think that it was worth every penny, it wasn't accomplishing what I wanted it to do which was get out to as many creative people as possible and help them get to where they want to go. So, I have worked hard and put in 40 plus years to learn and now share this information and I would ask you to respect my intellectual property the same way that you would want yours treated.


Besides the knowledge itself, are there any other advantages to buying the text?

Yes. When you purchase this book, I collect your email and in a few months I am going to begin a newsletter based upon the subjects in this book and I am going to have a Q&A section for your questions. As well, I am considering some Facetime / Skype set ups where we can meet as a group.

Is this just a book for singers and songwriters?

No! At the beginning of the book I list over 50 jobs classifications in the music industry and every single one of them could benefit by reading this book. Artist Manager, Music Producer, Agent, Promoter, Audio Engineer and Music Supervisor and more will all benefit by reading this book!

Do you have names and addresses of Record Companies, Publishers and Managers?

No! This is not a directory. But I do list events and organizations that will facilitate your search for various companies and people in the industry. One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is to approach people who you think can help you and then trying to sell yourself or your song to them without regard for who they are, what they do what they are looking for. This book will help you define these people, but it will be up to you to find the people who are right for you and your music.